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Hideout on the Horseshoe Wedding | Katherine and Robbie

Katie and Robbie had the sweetest wedding day at Horseshoe on the Hideout in November. They spent a Wednesday through Sunday there, celebrating with their loved ones and having so much fun! Being a part of their wedding day was a blast.

Their Story

Katie and Robbie originally met on their universities sailing club. As you’ll come to see, sailing plays a huge part in their lives. A couple of years later they reconnected because they ended up working at the same yacht club in Katie’s hometown. They quickly became best friends and then a year later, to no one’s surprise, they started dating. They were meant to be together!

Their Hideout on the Horseshoe Wedding

One of my favorite aspects to their wedding was that Katie, Robbie, and all of their guests stayed on property from Wednesday to Sunday. That means they had 5 days to hang out, set up, and celebrate. It felt so intimate and I felt so lucky to be invited into it. Another favorite thing? Their sweet dog Miller, or Millie for short. I love dogs so I am a huge fan of them in weddings! As Katie will tell you, Millie stole the show. Such a sweet girl and so well behaved. After getting a picture of Millie laying on Katie’s dress, I showed Katie the picture and she said “okay Kiera, you can go home. That was all I needed!” This was before her ceremony, before she had even seen her groom. I was cracking up! I learned so much about sailing during the short 8 hours we were there that day. Sailing is such a bog part of both Katie and Robbie’s families. It was cool to see them all bond over that. Katie’s father gave a speech (and Robbie’s father helped) and his speech centered around the different knots that you need to know to sail and how they transitioned into real life. Katie and Robbie tied knots around one another and was so much fun.

Their day was so great! They partied the night away (way past midnight!!!) and got to spend so much time celebrating their love. I could go on and on about their day, but instead, see for yourself.
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Venue – Hideout on the Horseshoe

Coordinator – Clearly Classy Events

Caterer – Caterall

Band – The San Antunes

Hair & Makeup – Keziah Bevans

Cake – Simply Delicious

Bartending – Olive and Twist