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Fredericksburg Wedding Pictures | Molly & Russell

This wedding day was so good! I seriously don’t think it could have gotten any better. Molly and Russel are amazing and I was so excited to see them again. I shot their engagement pictures at McKinney Falls State Park in February and have been looking forward to this day ever since. These two make you feel so special and important; like you have been friends for years. Being a part of their day was the best!

Their day was very different for us as a photographers than most weddings are, but we loved how intentional Molly and Russell were about how they wanted to spend their wedding day. They wanted the day to go slowly; to savor every moment. They chose to do a first look, however decided to not have it photographed. They wanted this very special moment to be kept private. And while it was SO hard to lead Molly to Russell and then to leave without photographing them seeing each other for the first time, I know that the moment they shared was so important and emotional, whether I was there to capture it or not. They will remember that moment forever.

The first hour of a wedding day usually consists of us taking pictures of your details: shoes, jewelry, invitations, florals, etc. But for Molly and Russell, those details didn’t mean as much as the people they surrounded themselves with. We spent their day focusing on the ones who have loved and supported them from the beginning.

This day wouldn’t have been possible without Blaize of Borrowed and Blue. She puts so much thought into every detail of a wedding day. Everything ran so flawlessly because of her. This wedding was a very special one for her too. Her husband was the best man. He is Russell’s cousin. And he gave the best best man speech I have ever heard! It was so incredible!

These two are so loved! I loved capturing their day for them.

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