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Boulder Springs Wedding: Trisha & Dan

Being a part of Trisha and Dan’s wedding was a huge honor! Trisha and I have been friends for almost 4 years now and have gotten to spend so much time together. I have seen her relationship with Dan from the very beginning and so it was that much sweeter to be there on the wedding day!

Trisha and Dan had some very unique details on their wedding day. They had coloring books for kids that had their engagement pictures in them. Before the ceremony they wrote each other letters and gave gifts. It was so sweet. Dan teared up opening his; it was adorable! They also prayed together before the ceremony, without seeing each other and it was such an intimate and loving moment. Trisha’s sisters sang a song before they exchanged vows. And the list goes on. It was all planned so beautifully! But probably the sweetest moment was what they did after the ceremony.

Trisha’s mom passed away when Trisha was 15. Every year since then they release balloons on her mom’s birthday to celebrate her. Trisha and Dan chose to get married on her mother’s 46th birthday to honor and celebrate her that way. They also kept the balloon release tradition alive and released balloons after the ceremony for her mom. It was just the sweetest moment and I know it meant so much to Trisha and her family. I definitely was teary eyed, and just looking at the pictures gets me teary eyed all over again! I wanted to share this image first, because it is so special!

Congratulations Trisha and Dan!! I am so so excited to see how God uses your marriage!!