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Wedding Bloopers

As all photographers know, lighting changes in a split second, is different if you move 2 inches, and takes a second to find the perfect settings on your camera. Now most seasoned wedding photographers can eye-ball lighting (to a certain extent), but need to take a few sample shots to make sure they’ve got it perfect. When doing this, the easiest and most efficient way is to have someone stand in that spot and test it out for you! My second shooters, God bless their souls, are my models, and they are the best.

In 2015, my go to assistants were Tim, my lovely husband, and Becca, the photography goddess. I say this because the photos below are ALL of these two goof balls, and myself.

These shots aren’t cute. They aren’t flattering or anything you’d normally want to share on the inter-web. But we aren’t normal.

Say hello to bad posture, caught in the moment, mid sentence, not-so-hot-candid, model shots, by yours truly.

Mikenzie, Tim and Becca