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Meaningful Gifts | Austin Wedding Photographer

Gifts are such a sweet way to remember your wedding day. We love when our couples gift something special to their soon-to-be bride or groom, because after their wedding day they have that gift that will constantly remind them of one of the most special days of their life!

We have gathered some of our favorite gifts that our couples have given each other, as well as included some others we think that are very meaningful! If you have any other ideas, let us know!

– Perfume | our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories, so gifting a new perfume or cologne on your wedding day is a perfect way to remember you big day for years to come when you wear that scent again!

– Watch | not only is a new watch a great addition to your groom’s wedding day attire, but it’s something practical he can wear everyday.

– Memento of Loved Ones Past | celebrating such a special day without some of our loved ones who have passed away can be rough. A memento with their pictures can be such a sweet and thoughtful gift and a wonderful way to have them close to you on your wedding day.

– A Map | so many of our couples love to travel (as do we!) so gifting a map where you can mark all of your travels is such a fun gift and a promise to always be adventurous!

– A Handmade Journal | we love to journal! What journal would be sweeter than a handmade leather journal, engraved with your names and wedding date! We love the handmade journals from

– Hand-Written Letter | there is nothing more meaningful than a hand-written letter. They will be cherished for years to come. You really can’t go wrong.

– Jewelry | another one you can’t go wrong with! Many grooms are hesitant to give brides jewelry on their wedding day because they worry it won’t match what the bride is wearing. But she doesn’t have to wear it on the wedding day! It can be a gift for after as well.

– A Boudoir Book for Him | trust us, your groom will LOVE this! We offer boudoir shoots to all of our brides. It is such a fun and liberating experience and a gift your groom will love.

– Cufflinks | whether they are engraved with his initials, your wedding date, or have a fun or meaningful picture on them, this gift is perfect for the wedding day and after!

– Star Map | we love these maps that feature the constellations as they looked on the night of your wedding in the city you got married in. So unique!

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