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Downtown Austin Senior Pictures | Mahal

We love these Downtown Austin senior pictures! Senior shoots are always so much fun, but even more so when it is the senior’s first time taking professional pictures! As a high schooler, there is nothing that feels more mature than doing something to celebrate you entering the real world and heading off to the next chapter of your life! While college senior shoots are more popular, we for sure recommend doing senior pictures in high school too. It’s a blast and kind of feels like your first step towards adulthood.

I loved taking Mahal’s downtown Austin senior pictures. She is such a sweet girl! We had such a good time talking about her high school experiences and looking forward to what college will be like. She will be attending Dallas Baptist University in the fall and running track for them! I am so excited for her! I met Mahal in March when I shot her mom’s wedding. The wedding was so special for me because her mom was marrying my high school tennis coach! It was such a sweet day. I was so excited to see them all again for Mahal’s senior pictures.

Mahal picked out the CUTEST outfits for her shoot! I wish I had her style when I was her age! She looked like a model and I was here for it! She was a little timid at first, but she was a natural in front of the camera! I think her personality showed most when she got into her track uniform and ran. She could be a sports model!

I am so excited for this beautiful, smart, and strong girl and all that the future holds for her!

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