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Maternity Photos

I took a little winter break from blogging/social media, but am back and ready to share all about our holidays, and, wait for it…. Our maternity photos! Haylie Noel Photography graciously did our pictures and our good friend Kayli at The Bloom Bar made the most precious succulent cuff <3 Not to mention, Megan, over at Peach Paper Design pitched in an adorable baby announcement and wooden plaque! I am so grateful for friends who come together and selflessly have loved and supported our newest addition. I couldn’t wish for a better community for Atlas to be born into.

The beginning of our break started with lots of family time and more episodes of The Office than I care to admit, but ended with this sweet shoot with my go-to photographer. Seriously though, she killed it. I have never been so happy with photos of myself, and I didn’t expect that, especially weighing more than I ever have! These photos will always give me goosebumps and remind me of all the little kicks Atlas gave before we even knew what she would look like. Being pregnant is such a special time, and sometimes I have to take a second, step back, and cherish this season of life. I hope I never forget the first feelings of protectiveness over something so small, the joy of planning for a future for our DAUGHTER, and Tim’s smile when we talk about the life we wish for her.

Thank you, Haylie, Kayli and Megan for making this shoot more than I could have ever dreamed of, and giving me beautiful images that I will always cherish. I am so grateful for all of you!