June 24, 2016

my philosophy

Barr Mansion Bridal Portraits

Shooting bridal photos are one of my favorite things, but add that to Barr Mansion’s gorgeous setting and Jerra’s beauty, and I can’t stop smiling. Recently I told Tim that I was discouraged and feeling frustrated at how my business has been running. But as I write this, the only feelings I have are pride and confidence. This is by far one of my favorite sessions in my photography career, and I am so excited that I am producing work that sparks that passion again!

Holding off on posting these was a challenge, but since Jerra and Collin officially tied the knot last weekend, I am happy to finally share her stunning bridal portraits!

Huge shout out to Barr Mansion for always making sure me and my brides feel at home and accommodating our schedules, even when it means staying late because of wardrobe malfunctions!